01-30-08 - 1

I bought an Ab Wheel so I can work up to an ab wheel rollout . OMG it's harder than I expected. I'd love to be able to do an "L-Seat" too but hamstring flexibility is gonna be my limiting factor with that for the forseeable future. That site (Beast Skills) is great, and I find it a fun motivating factor to pick some cool bodyweight move and work up to that. I would absolutely love to be able to do a "flag", but I need to get a handstand pushup first, and before I even start that I need to do more shoulder rehab :(

I should emphasize that the Ab Wheel and pretty much everything on Beast Skills is a super-advanced physical exploit and should be not be attempted by beginners and should never be done without proper warmup and technique. Now of course I'll probably go ahead and ignore my own advice and hurt myself, but you've been warned.

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