01-29-08 - 1

My bud Drew finished his XBLA game "Poker Smash"; it's an idea he had when we were working at Oddworld. We used to play Tetris Attack on an old SNES to burn off steam (ba-kak!), and we were all totally into poker and thinking about capitalizing on the poker boom, Drew had the idea that it would be cool to do like a Tetris Attack but where you have cards coming down instead of just colors so you can make straights and flushes and stuff, not just match-three. So Drew actually took the dive and went indie, and against everyone's expectations he actually finished! Along the way it became a lot more than that simple idea, the bombs and freezes and stuff actually make the gameplay really different. Anyhoo, help the man out and Digg Drew's Game ; more at Void Star website

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