01-22-08 - 1

I'm making Chicken Pot Pie right now. Frozen pie crust is fine. Thicken with a roux. Toss in whatever pleases you. Fennel and leeks make it hoity toity. Such good soothing cold weather food. The best reference recipe I could find was at this food blog : Miche Mache . There are a lot of great food blogs out there, but there needs to be some kind of recipe aggregator that points to them and rates them or something. On the flip side, there are these recipe aggregator sites like "cooks.com" but all their recipes are like "use a can of chicken soup and put pillsbury biscuits on top for the crust" and then the retards give it 5 stars.

I've given up on my master poker project. I was bored and aimless for a few days, but now I'm working a quick realtime sound play app in the igj4 framework. It started because I wanted a guitar tuner helper app and I downloaded and installed like literally 20 of them and every single one of them sucked absolute donkey balls. I'm about two days in now and it's looking quite promising, I should have something to post soon. In the mean time you can scope out some of my reference material :

YMEC software - Introduction to simple sound measurement using a notebook computer
Ron Nicholson's Digital Signal Processing Page
Introduction to Pitch Detection
High-Speed Analog-to-Digital Conversion - Google Book Search
Guitar tunings - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
DiscreteTFDs -- Time-Frequency Analysis Software
Digital filter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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