01-12-08 - 3

I'm reading "Banco" the followup to "Papillon". It's obviously a shitty concocted followup to make a buck after the first one did well, but I'm still enjoying it. While I'm reading I feel energized, like "this is the way to live!" and "I could be like this guy" just running around and having adventures. Unfortunately that feeling goes away quickly when I stop reading.

What can we learn from Papillon? Don't overthink decisions. Just make up your mind quick, don't really worry about the pros and cons and long term effects and everything, just do something and do it 100%. But don't stick to it either, if it's not working out, abandon it and do something else. Always have a goal. Papillon admires people who are "full of life" which means ready to charge head-on into anything at a moment's notice. Don't worry too much about failures, just put them behind you and move on to the next challenge.

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