01-07-08 - 1

I like to follow the news and politics, but I just can't stand all this election nonsense. I know it's hugely important, the excuse for apathy that "they're all the same" is pure garbage, but the whole US campaign system has become so shallow. The press coverage is almost all about who's ahead in the polls, or trivia about the campaign, who's their press guy, what kind of bus do they have, which state's babies are they kissing now. The actual interviews and speeches are targetted at the retarded press and special interest groups. God forbid you actually ever talk seriously about an issue and admit that it's complicated and you might not stick with the party line, you'd be destroyed.

A parliamentary system would be far better. The American public has no qualifications to choose a leader. We'd do better just voting for a party, and then letting the party choose a leader, presumably they actually have some idea of other politicians's abilities and who would actually make a good leader. Also the kind of political in-fighting that you need to get ahead in a parliamentary system is the same skill that's needed to be a good leader. This is in contrast to a public election, where the ability to win the popular vote is a completely different skill which favors actors and false bumpkins. It's sort of inherently obvious that you should have a selection system in which survival of the fittest produces a victor that is well suited for the job. You wouldn't use an IQ test to pick candidates for World's Strongest Man.

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