01-02-08 - 3

I think Dick Wolf should sue the creator of "House". "House" is a direct rip-off of Law & Order with just the setting changed. Every episode starts with the cheezy exposure of the crime/medical problem. Then the detectives (House's assitants) look into it, usually screwing up a few things. Then they call in the D.A. / House for advice. They start with one suspect and file a first arrest / make an initial diagnosis and try a treatment. That never works, so they send the detectives for more clues, and some key piece of evidence always miraculously pops up (this is the funniest part - on "House" the assistants actually go and gather evidence from the patient's homes, they couldn't think of any substitution for this part of Law & Order). Finally with the last bit of evidence Jack McCoy makes a brilliant diagnosis and saves the patient's life - though he often has to confront a moral dilemma of his own which brings up characters from his past.

It also is sort of bizarre to me that people who seem to be pretty smart, like Sam Waterston and Hugh Laurie, would choose to spend year after year doing such formulaic dreck.

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