01-02-08 - 2

I was thinking Google would be way better if they provided a simple Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down mechanism on search results. Then people can look at the links and provide feedback on how well the results matched the search. That feedback can be used to train the search. People love their Google and would be willing to put a lot of time into this. The problem of course is that it would be abused by all the search-rank-boosting jackasses. There are various heuristics you could use to counteract that (like any user that puts in too many signals just gets ignored), but the best soltuion of all is of course a Network of Trust. That way each user is only affected by the thumbs up/down of their neighbors in the trust network (aka their "friends"), so that the spammers would have a minimal effect on the populace since presumably most people would not "trust" them.

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