01-02-08 - 1

Today I watched the "No Reservations" about Beirut, where Tony goes to make a food show and winds up trapped in an evacuation from the Israeili bombardment. It inspired me to go buy some Arak, the Lebanese anise alcohol. Mmmm, yeah, it's pretty much identical to Ouzo, I can't really tell any difference, and it's also equal to Pastis but without the extra herby notes. Anyway, the show reminded me of that sick episode of recent history that was so little covered here in the US. Lebanon was sort of making some decent progress towards democracy and getting out from under the thumb of Syria, then some nutters on the border kidnapped two Israeli army guys, and in response the Israelis bombed the holy living fuck out of the entire country. Real smart, guys. I'm sure that's not going to further radicalize the country at all. Hard line reprisals have worked great against terrorists for the last 50 years, right?

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