12-29-07 - 1

If you look at the Bush administration as if they are trying to run a successful government, you would be shocked and amazed at the depth of their incompetence and poor judgement. Time after time, they seem to intentionally appoint people to head agencies that are grossly unqualified, and in fact quite often they appoint people who are specifically ideologically opposed to the mission of that agency. If instead you think of it as a clever way to destroy the government, it makes a lot more sense. The Republicans have found you can't really democratically kill government agencies, because the voters actually want government services, as much as they cry about taxes and fatcats in Washington, they want disaster aid and environmental protection and so on. On the other hand, if you just run the agencies horrifically badly, partly by restricting funding so they can't do their job, and partly by appointing incompetent leaders, the people will lose their love of those agencies; private sector alternatives will spring up that do the job better and more and more people will switch to the private solutions, see how bad the public agency is, and eventually be happy to let the public agency die. This isn't just insane conspiracy theory talk, it is in fact the explicit plan laid out by many of the more right wing think-tanks, the idea to starve government agencies to death through executive-branch administration rather than legislation. Of course no one in government could admit that they were actually doing this.

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