12-28-07 - 3

Dan has been waking up crazy early and falling asleep right when she comes home. I sleep pretty normal hours, so we are seeing each other only like 1 hour a day. I told her it's like the movie "Ladyhawke". I briefly thought of renting it for us, but unfortunately that awful musical score makes it totally unwatchable now. Ladyhawke is a super cheezy fantasy tale of this prince and princess who are cursed (or something like that) so that the guy turns into a wolf every night and the girl turns into a hawk by day, thus they can only be together for a second at sunrise and sunset, but they're still in love. Or something, it's laughably awesome. It's right at the peak of the 80's fantasy period which included such silly awful flawed gems as Legend, Krull, The Dark Crystal, Conan, Neverending Story etc. (they seem to all be in 82-85)

We thought "Batman Begins" was almost unwatchably awful. I really hate this mix of trying to make things more realistic, and yet still being just totally retarded and laughable. The idea of putting a super hero movie in a more realistic setting where you could imagine it's almost our world and it's really happening is a good one; Bourne is of course basically a super hero, but perhaps "Unbreakable" is the best recent real-world superhero movie. Anyway, I'd much rather have comic book movies just go totally fantasy world surreal. "Sin City" is probably the best, but I also like the old comic movies, "Dick Tracy" was great, but I also like the '89 Burton Batman. The new Batman greatly reduces all the cool designs and visuals, gives us these action scenes that are just closeups of limbs flying; actually let me stop, the fight scenes are some of the absolute worst fight scenes I've ever seen in any movie. Over and over Batman literally drops into a mob of guys, and then the camera goes into "close up on the elbow" mode where you can't see anything, but for some reason that whole gang stands around while Batman fights one guy at a time, and for some reason all the guys who had guns are no longer there. That would be okay if it was a silly "zap pow bang" Batman, but it's not supposed to be. The whole training/genesis story is so overdone now and this is one of the worst I've ever seen, it's so teenager goofy with the citadel on the mountain.

A cooler Batman movie would've been to actually go 100% realistic and make him not a superhero at all but just a guy with more realistic gadgets and ninja skills. Then make the whole first movie genesis, and spend way more time on his wandering period, make it more of a road movie ala "Into the Wild" where he's not sure what to do with his rage and uncertainty, maybe do the whole series-of-teachers motif where he spends a year here and there at different places around the world learning different skills from different people and picking different tools that will help him on his quest. Also the way to update it for the modern world is to make Batman's quest more about CIA corruption and corporate malfeasance rather than just cleaning up the streets which feels awfully quaint now.

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