12-28-07 - 2

I get a lot of value out of using Perforce for solo work. I hardly ever use the history to revert things, the main thing I get is just the work pattern. I still atomize my checkins in functional transactions with descriptions. This quantizes my work nicely into packets in a way that just helps me mentally to tie up loose ends and check things off my todo lists. I also still diff my checkins against the depot so that I can see what I did. I try to make myself read the changes as a 3rd party observer, though I often get lazy and don't do that as well as I could. Still I will often catch some temp debug code in the diff that I need to comment out to check in, or more importantly I'll see the diff and there will be a little one line change with no comment and it will make me realize I really need to go back and mark what I was thinking there.

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