12-27-07 - 2

I dropped my laptop over christmas and broke the screen. It still works plugged into a monitor, so I'm gonna keep using it for the foreseeable future, but man this fucking sucks. Christmas wound up costing me at least $2000 when laptop replacement is considered. It's kind of ironic because I was just thinking that one thing I really wanted to get was an attache-style aluminum briefcase for my laptop that locks and has rubber corners so it's drop proof. I was thinking if I become a nomad and wander the world I could keep my cash and my computer in a secure locking case, not that it would really do much good, people would just steal the whole case since it's obviously valuable.

Anyway, my broken laptop gave me the idea that there should be a "mini pc". Basically it's just a laptop, but with no keyboard, no screen, and no battery. You can carry it point to point (home to office) but need to plug it in to gear to use it, which is pretty much exactly what I've always done with my laptop. Eliminating all that junk should make it really tiny and light and cheap. It should also be able to run super cool and quiet since it has like no moving parts. It's different than just a "small pc" because it's running all laptop parts not normal PC parts so it can be really tiny and cool and low power (eg. it uses a power brick instead of a big power supply). Well of course it already exists : AOpen MiniPC ; oh yeah, I guess there's a mac one too that looks pretty rad if you're into that flavor.

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