12-16-07 - 1

I'm just so disgusted by the self helf pseudoscience new age mumbo jumbo that PBS peddles these days. FYI all the "detox" regimens are just complete nonsense. People are misled into thinking they are beneficial because they sort of feel like they should be. In many cases they can give you a pleasant feeling and perhaps a feeling of being energized and reinvigorated. Basically what you've done is starve yourself. With low blood sugar you get a euphoric feeling which is rather pleasant. Your body also supplies adrenalin under mild starvation, presumably to help you get some food. None of these things are actually beneficial. You can get a better euphoric effect with less body damage just by doing some drugs.

Also, why do they have to do fundraisers all the time for BBC programs? Can't they get BBC shows nearly for free?

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