12-15-07 - 2

One thing I was trying to say with the "ergonomics" post is that everything is related, and often the flare ups are just symptoms of this larger system. You might develop elbow pain, and you think the solution is to change the way you're holding your arms. Most likely that's just a noticeable sign of a much larger hard to see problem. Bad body use is like the underground mass of a mushroom, the little pains you get are just the mushroom caps shooting out. If you just attack the symptoms you never cure the problem, and it will keep manifesting in various ways. One of the more subtle ways that bad body use can affect you is just be increasing your likelihood of injury. You might actually injure yourself skiing or biking or playing catch, but it was the mushroom body which caused your muscle support to be imbalanced, or your ligaments to be too tight, which made you more prone to that injury. p.s. I know this is borderline chiropractic/holistic mumbo-jumbo.

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