12-13-07 - 1

It's really cold here (like 36) and our apartment is awful, so I've been using a hot water bottle every night to heat the bed. They're really amazingly effective, a very pleasant kind of heat, and you can put it right down by your feet where you need it. I also find it charmingly old fashioned. An even cooler old fashioned gizmo that you never see these days is the wood-framed bed warmer. They're like a body-sized wooden boat with struts over top, and you heat up a stone in your fire and then put the stone in the boat and put the whole thing in your bed. The struts tent up the sheets so they don't touch the stone and burn, and the whole thing makes the bed toasty hot. This is pretty close to what I describe ; here are some other different forms of the same device. I just found that OldAndInteresting site, it's pretty great. here's an Italian bed warming dealy

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