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Techie trends that are horrible for the body :

1. Messenger bags and satchels. These things are asymetrically weighted and generally apply unilateral pressure (pressure to just one side of the body). Aside from concentrating the weight in hot spots, they cause leaning which is just horrible for the shoulders and the spine. Try to always use symmetric whole body carrying devices with good load distribution, such as backpacks.

2. Text messaging, small mobile devices. People are using these things more and more, and the tiny keyboards make you put your hands together like claws. They're like 10x more powerful than a mouse at generating RSI, plus you have a tiny screen so you stick your neck out to get closer and look down. On the plus side, you might be standing up and walking around which is great, but heavy use is still going to destroy the hands and wrists.

3. Laptops and cute little desktops. As computers become more design driven and people want to hide them in the living room, they become smaller and people are not as willing to have monitor raisers and proper desks and such. This is directly choosing appearance over health. In particular, not having a seperable keyboard and monitor is just awful. Hopefully we'll get some better laptop designs soon where you can detach the screen and stand it up, but you still really need a wider keyboard and a screen that can be raised to neutral height.

I also found these "Computer Guy" workouts at T-Nation which are pretty good : part 1 , part 2 . They're basically strengthening to fight kyphosis and promote scapular retration and stability, which is what you should focus on. Again, it's a crazy lifter web site, so ignore the retarded side bars and don't go browsing around, but the content of these specific articles is good.

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