12-08-07 - 1

Treats I'm thinking of making for Christmas :

Some real fudge, cuz I've never made actual real fudge before, only stuff like "Million Dollar Fudge" and the other easy faux-fudges.

Salted caramel. Cuz it's really delicious and super easy and trendy.

Chocolate chip cookies. Cuz I make the best in the universe.

Roast peanuts. Probably nobody will appreciate these, but it will at least be something on the treat table that I myself will enjoy eating.

One of my favorite cookies we used to always have around christmas was Mexican Wedding Cookies; we always called them "Pecan Balls" , or "Russian Tea Balls" which seems to be an identical concoction. I guess some people call them "Russian Tea Cakes" which is a bizarre thing to do. Anyway I think I probably won't make them but I will fantasize about them.

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