12-07-07 - 2

There's a new movement that's growing, I'm not sure if it has a name yet. It hasn't made the Style page of the New York Times yet, it hasn't been labelled by Rolling Stone. It's about the unpretentious creation of joy. It's about random happenings, art that doesn't mean anything, creative alternative histories, it's about dressing like a hipster but not ironically, it's about playing ethnic and forgotten music not because it's funny or a curio but because it's great music, it's about punk diy art, making your own bikes, making your own everything, it's about rejecting commercialism and norms but not in aggressive anti-society way rather just peacefully choosing not to be part of that. This movement is by its nature small and will die when it gets discovered and becomes popular and exploited to sell products. Some of the people who live the joyous life will quietly continue to do so.

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