12-06-07 - 2

"The Departed" is a really trashy movie. Sure it's entertaining, plenty of movie stars hamming it up and lots of violence, but it's devoid of any intellect or character. The whole first 20 minutes is one big ridiculous Irish stereotype. Ah, look at the mick cops drinking whiskey and fighting and talking about the mothers. In fact, this movie is the straw that pushes Scorcese into the ridiculous category for me. He seems to have voluntarily pigeon-holed himself as a director of gangster flicks, and they all center around ridiculous stereotypes. His Italians are all "wassa mada you" and "you lookin at me?". He's touted as a great American director - but really he's only capturing the American experience in the fact that we love racist depictions of minorities. His movies are still good fun, flashy overwrought camera work, lots of violence and money, and the more and more tired use of classic rock - they're superb exploitation flicks.

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