11-29-07 - 4

Checker poked me and it made me upload some more junk to Flickr. Bastards took away my "pro" so all the nice high res versions are gone. Lame. Anyway it made me realize I don't have any photos at all of the good stuff in SF. I'm not trying to do a photo journal, my camera is awful and I'm lazy about carrying it, but all the amazing sights I've seen here - the alleys full of graffiti, all the great old houses, the sun "rising" over the Transamerica tower, the TV tower poking through a wall of fog, looking back at the city from the Golden Gate Bridge, etc. etc. - I don't have photos of any of that stuff.

We saw "Into the Wild" yesterday which kind of made me want to go off into the woods alone and die. I know, I bet there will be copycats, and that's lame, but I have always kind of wanted to do that. I've done my own little mini-tramps, but I'm not really cut out for it. Some part of me really wants to just get rid of everything I own and completely get out of society and become a hippie or a tramp or whatever. Actually it was "Man vs Wild" most recently that really made me think of getting out backpacking in the real wild. Before that I always imagined having a little VW Camper bus or something and wandering that way, but I like the idea of the physical challenge of getting by in the woods.

Anyway, I thought of a more realistic option. I think it would be really fun to rent a totally isolated cabin for a month or so. I mean isolated like, not in a community or anything, completely out in the woods, no power, no running water. Presumably there would be a well and propane or maybe even just wood for heat and cooking. I don't think I'd want to live like that for a while, but it would be really fun to rent for a month and play old fashioned "house" for a while. I have no idea how to find something like that though. Not even sure if it would be legal, there are all these laws in the US about minimum functionality of rental properties.

We finally went to "Range" last night; it was something we kind of had to do since it's like 2 blocks from my house and it has a Michelin star. Mmmm it was very good but I don't think I would go back unless some friend really wanted to go. Basically it's normal American/French bistrot type food (braised pork loin, roast chicken, stuff like that), but it is executed really subtly and artfully - the same way that I try to cook at home. Anyway, I don't think it's really possible for basic French/American bistrot food to really impress me any more. It's just so easy for me to make that stuff at home, and there are a lot of advantages to doing it myself. I get all the fun of the cooking process when I do it, and I can drink a whole bottle of wine for less than the price of one glass.

I used to really enjoy dressing up and going to fancy restaurants and acting all sophisticated. It was a chance to prove to girls that I was rich and cultured and could have good manners despite my usual impolity. That entire element is gone for me now. I just feel kind of goofy and out of place, and the way everyone acts to each other and the interaction with the waiters and everything just seems so bizarre. I keep getting the impulse to chuck my plate at a wall and take off my clothes and go running around between the tables hitting everyone on the head.

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