11-29-07 - 3

Ryan's Blog is videogame related and pretty damn entertaining.

The best thing on Yelp are the Sushi + Japanese restaurant reviews by Toro Eater and Nobu K . Toro is a great reviewer, very analytical and thorough, Nobu is not so accurate but he's a brilliant wild man poet.

Sometimes when going to the movies I think how insane the $10 movie ticket is. Really it's not, in fact it's pretty much just a normal inflation increase from the old $5 tickets when I was a kid, it corresponds to higher rents and costs of power and benefits for employees and so on. The thing that's changed is I can get Netflix for $20 which is just insanely cheap (or get torrents for $0, well not really zero of course cuz of the price of power and the internet bill, but pretty much zero).

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