11-29-07 - 1

The first web server I interacted with was a VMS machine and it had this horrible ";1" ";2" etc. system for automatically keeping backups of everything. Among other things it sucked because I had a tiny disk space limit and the stupid backups would chew up my disk allocation. Now I wish Windoze had a decent auto backup thing. I should be able to set aside X% of my drive for backups, and set extensions that I want backed up, and they should automatically go in the backup dir in an LRU kind of way. Then any file you want you should be able to click and say "give me the backup". I could almost just write an app to do this using disk changed notifications. So much better than having retarded .bak files scattered everywhere. Also the backups could be delta-compressed which means as long as you're only making small changes you could have tons of backups of any given file.

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