11-25-07 - 3

So, I used to have a Persimmon tree at Alrita and hardly knew what to do with them. It turns out I had an "astringent" tree. I don't know the exact type. Persimmons come in two very different familes, the astringent and non-astringent. Astringent are ripe when they're super soft. If you catch them at just the right moment they can be a sort of pleasant jello-like sweet gel jelly gel gel. One day later and they start getting really liquidy and gross. I guess they might make good jam but the only thing I ever liked with them was bread, persimmon bread is kind of like banana bread or pumpkin bread, it's quite tasty. Anyway, the other type is "non-astringent" which you can eat while still crunchy. They're only slightly sweet and I've come to like them quite a bit with just a bit of fleur de sel. Many people here refer to the two types as "Hachiya" and "Fuyu" because those are the varieties that we typically see; Hachiya is just a variety of astringent persimmon while Fuyu is a variety of non-astringent persimmon.

I took this picture at market today :
Fuyu persimmons to the lower left, Hachiya to the upper right

I have leftover Panettone so I'm going to try making a Panettone-Persimmon bread pudding tonight.

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