11-25-07 - 1

So Youtube is totally broken if you tell Firefox to not save passwords. If you try to upload a video normally, you fill out the description and hit upload, then it says "enter your password" but it's a confirmation email screen. Okay, so you enter your password, it sends the confirmation email. You click the confirmation email and it takes you to a page that says "email confirmed". Now when you hit upload again you go back to the description page and repeat this cycle endlessly.

I have found a way to get videos uploaded though. This seems to be the best process : log in, and go to My Account and click on My Videos. This will trigger a "confirm password" screen. Do that and click the confirmation link in the email. Okay, now do NOT click Upload. Instead click My Account again, click My Videos, and click "Upload a video" from there. You should be able to proceed now.


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