11-24-07 - 2

One thing I've learned living in the city is that city people really are way way better than country people. The population of San Francisco is like the cream of the US (and similarly for New York, less so for Boston, Austin, etc. etc.). There are so many gorgeous people, and they're intelligent, musicians, artists, cooks, the food is unbelievable, the people are aware of politics, cultured, they're up on current fashion, news, etc. It's a real shock when you go back to the country or the "heartland" and you see what a fucking backwards cesspool most of America is. The people are ugly, fat, uneducated, they speak poorly, they're woefully out of touch with the news and culture and fashion, their taste is just laughable, the food and decor that they like is just so disgusting and tacky. It's really not a question of needing to be "balanced" or remove the bias against the country; the best people of the country leave and come to the city, what's left are the people who couldn't make it for whatever reason, either lack of ability or lack of gumption. (obviously there are tons of exceptions, we're just talking about the general trend here). This doesn't apply so much for the people born and raised in cities, who you can tell by their dingy clothes and lack of eagerness, it goes for the huge amount of newcomers.

Another thing I've learned is that city people have way more sex. I think San Francisco is probably even well above average in the US in this regard, but it's just a sexual playground. People move here and go nuts. Not only is there the anonimity of numbers, there's a straightforwardness about it, people are too busy to mess around with dating, they go straight for the kink. In SF there's the added idea that anything goes, there are tons of membership sex clubs here. So many people move here for an "adventure" and the most adventurous thing they can think of is having a threesome.

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