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8 oz Dark meat turkey = 425 Calories, 36% from fat
8 oz White meat turkey = 357 Calories, 20% from fat

That is in fact a noticeable difference and if your diet is *extremely* clean it might be significant to you, but for the average person another 50 Calories of fat is a drop in the bucket. The NYT did a similar comparison but based on 1 oz servings which is totally retarded, it's similar to what "Pam" does in order to claim to be "fat free". The amount of fat is so small it rounds down to nothing.

8 oz Dark meat turkey has 16g of fat. The minimum you should eat per day is around 25g. My goal is to eat 60-80g of fat per day. BTW the proper serving size for someone who's not bulking is 3-4 oz.

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