11-20-07 - 2

I've got horrible code writers block. I've been trying to make myself finish this certain project for the last like 6 months. Days like today I make myself sit down and I open VC, and I browse around a few different cpp files, make some notes about what I should do next ... and then I just can't get going. Maybe I write a function header and then I decide that's not really the right way to go. Sometimes I'll pick some little stupid peripheral thing, like working on my Timer class or something that doesn't advance me towards completion at all. It feels horrible.

To make it worse I didn't sleep at all last night, as has been happening often lately. I went to bed around 12. At 1:30 some people coming home from the bars walked by outside, some guy was on his cell phone. At 2:30 Dan came to bed (she falls asleep on the couch a lot). At 4:00 someone in the building went in and out; I think they were going to catch a plane, I heard roller wheels like luggage. At 5:30 the garbage truck came down the street, which has horrible loud beeping on top of the loud sound of the arm lifting garbage cans. At 8:00 Dan started getting ready to go to work and I realized my chances to get a little sleep were all past.

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