11-19-07 - 2

Ben Stein has always been an opportunistic scum bag; he's sold himself and repeated his Bueller character in horrible commercials, of course he's an arch-Republican and his New York Times articles are very juvenile-Republican-Ayn-Rand-myopic intellectualism. Anyway, the new "Alaska Seafood" commercials make me sick. They don't say "seafood is great, eat some" they say "the oceans are full of fish, eat all you want, there's a lot more out there". It's such disgusting lie, just thumbing a nose at reason, and winning since they're on TV and logic isn't. The reality is that the oceans are being destroyed by overfishing and line dragging. We don't see it because we don't live in the ocean, but the affects of man are near catastrophe. As our human population continues to skyrocket, the fish population is plummeting. Already many species are in desperate conditions, and worst of all very little is being done about it world wide. This kind of advertising is just so irresponsible it makes me want to boycott Alaska seafood. This page is a little old but very thorough.

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