11-18-07 - 5

XBLA game ideas :

Mafia/Werewolf game that everyone loves right now. The code for this is so trivial, it's almost totally played just over voice comm. But it would be cool to have the xbox faccilitate the rounds and the day/night and randomly assigns everyone's secret identities, does the voting, lets the seer act, lets the werewolves talk at night and just turns their mics on, etc.

Army vs. Terrorists game. Team "shooter" trying to capture the dynamic of Iraq. One side is a squad of like 4-8 guys that's like the US Army - they have totally superior weaponry, night vision, money, whatever they want. The other side are the terrorists and they have a specific mission to accomplish, the Army side doesn't know what the mission is. It's always played on the same decent sized map, but the mission is random, it might be blow up a mosque, or assassinate a diplomat, etc. there are various sites around the map. The terrorists big advantage is they look just like the civilians and there are tons of civilians wandering the map. So the army guys basically have to wander around the map looking for suspicious behavior, maybe they can also leave decoy targets or decoy munitions to try to lure the terrorists; once they actually figure out who the terrorists are or what their target is, it's pretty easy for the army guys to take them out. Somebody must've done this already but I've never really heard of this dynamic existing in game, it seems like most people who do Army vs. Terrorists just make standard shooters with different graphics.

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