11-18-07 - 3

I really really just don't get people who dress weird every day. I mean, I get doing it once in a while, it makes you feel weird and you get reactions from people and all that. But, like on a daily basis, just going to your job. Like a guy who wears bow ties. Or someone with bizarro facial hair like Jared Diamond (a "chin curtain"). Or the hipsters around here who go really bizarrely allout with the style. I just can't imagine what's going through their head when they get dressed and all day long as they go around town and get stared at, and people like me give them "what the fuck is wrong with you" looks. I mean I just can't explain it other than they must be partially retarded in certain brain pathways.

BTW it's much easier to understand with something like the 80's extreme punk culture, where the elaborate costume is partially a form of protest, but also a way of peacocking to other punks to show your coolness.

I also don't get people who can actually write serious programs in less than a day. I hear people say "I wrote a jpeg library in about a day" or "I wrote this seam carver in about a day". WTF? Really? I can only assume they're either lying or they're super geniuses. Even back in my youth when I was crazy fast it always took me a week or so to write anything serious. Maybe I'd getting working in a day but it would be totally buggy and nonfunctional, then after 3 days I'd realize I did it wrong and start over, and finally rest on the 7th day.

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