11-17-07 - 3

Link day :

Grafica Obscura old SGI graphics articles by Paul Haeberli ; some really neat fun stuff here.

Paul Phillips Blog is just kind of scary cuz the guy is a bit too much like me. At OW when the poker boom hit we all sort of hated Paul as a TV character cuz he was such a Silicon Valley stereotype; he got lucky and cashed out and became a maverick with colored hair and sort of geeky personality. I'm definitely just jealous.

I found this Ask a Scientist thing. Wow, I was so excited, it looks so promising! Then I read some of the physics ones (which I have some expertise in) and found the answers to be both condescending and uninformed. In fact their big thing about Google on the main page is really hillarious and a good example of all the content.

This page on Tone Mapping is okay and has a decent references section.

Lost in the Static is an interesting experimental game. My eyes can't handle it, but I like the idea.

Also, browsing to a web site and having it play audio is fucking completely unacceptable. To stop it, 1. get flashblock . 2. put this in userContent.css :

/* block embedded sounds */
object[data*=".mid"],embed[src*=".mid"] { display: none !important; }
object[data*=".mp2"],embed[src*=".mp2"] { display: none !important; }
object[data*=".mp3"],embed[src*=".mp3"] { display: none !important; }
object[data*=".mp4"],embed[src*=".mp4"] { display: none !important; }
object[data*=".wav"],embed[src*=".wav"] { display: none !important; }
object[data*=".wma"],embed[src*=".wma"] { display: none !important; }
I guess .ogg should be in there too.

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