11-17-07 - 1

"The Tree of Wooden Clogs" by Ermanno Olmi is a beautiful, slow, sad pastoral movie. It's a three hour long, and the plot and character development is very thin; it's really just a picture of life. Most of the scenes serve no narrative purpose, they just portray the lives of the Italian peasants working, praying, struggling, loving. It is a little overly sentimental, but we can forgive that.

I really liked "Il Posto" too. (not "Il Postino"). It's of a similar style, like an eye on life, but it's contemporary with when it was made which makes it rather more realistic; it's the better movie of the two I suppose, but the depiction of the dehumanization of modern society is a little painfully close to home. It's much more fun to watch peasants in the countryside and pretend it would be a lovely way to live despite the crushing poverty and hard work.

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