11-16-07 - 1

I really don't enjoy wine tasting. I used to make myself do it and try to enjoy it around San Luis because it's supposed to be "fun". I just don't get it. I do really enjoy tasting different wines, but I really don't like some salesperson staring at me the whole time telling me a bunch of nonsense tasting notes, and then the implied obligation of buying a bottle even though they're generally outrageous, and all the other people in there tasting and trying to act like they know the first thing about wine, or even if they do know a lot about wine that's often even more insufferable to be around.

Some of the tasting rooms are legitimately nice, but I prefer the tiny shack on a hill in the middle of a real vineyard over these ridiculous Disneyland like constructions with fake stones and waterfalls and all that nonsense. At Wolff in SLO you could taste outside on the terrace on the hilltop over the vineyards which is pretty ideal. Outside (nature) = good; inside (man made) = crap.

Personally I have much more fun buying a wide selection of $4.99 wines from Trader Joe's and carrying them all out in the woods, drinking them all and jumping in a river.

For comparison, test driving sports cars is really fun, so is going to high end audio shops and listening to their gear; both of those would make excellent weekend activities except for the fact that you have these horrible salespeople with you the whole time who are totally condescending and pushy.

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