11-15-07 - 1

I'm so far out of knowing what's up with hardware (I didn't even know AMD bought ATI's card business). Anyway, this got me excited -

The flash ("SSD") hard drives coming out now are very exciting; they seem a tiny bit too early to jump on just yet, but in a year or so they should be big and fast (64 mb is common now and bigger is available but the prices are still insane). Better read speed is sort of meh, but the super fast seeks are awesome (of course using all this hard drive terminology is kind of silly, there isn't really a seek). Best of all is the silence. Ah the sweet silence, and lack of spin-up and spin-down sounds and delays. Also the reliability is pretty appealing to me. Dealing with hard drive crashes is not fun. Oh yeah and they're very small and low power so they are awesome for notebooks.

On that note Intel's 45 nm (and smaller) cores are also killer for notebooks; we're going to have some super sweet notebooks in 2008. I don't know what's up with GPUs but it looks like powerful GPUs might be the biggest energy draw and heat generator in 2008.

On the flip side the "Hyperdrive" RAM hard drive thing is totally retarded. Taking a bunch of RAM and segregating it off and calling it a "disk" is just a freaking ram disk that you can do in software, or not do! There should just be more RAM slots on the main board and a battery backup so it's persistent.

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