11-12-07 - 1

Yesterday we went out to the Inner Sunset since it was a rare clear sunny day out there. The arboretum / bonatical garden in Golden Gate Park is really lovely. It's a detailed miniature, a densely detailed jewel, riddled with a million paths and tiny discoveries. A few blocks away is the 9th Ave / Irving Street corridor which has got a ton of little family restaurants, some of which are decent, and just a nice functioning neighborhood. I really like it out there, much better than the Mission, it feels really unpretentious, and there are great groceries and bakeries and such that cater to the locals who really COOK instead of the yuppies who read about it in the New York Times. Unfortunately it's godawful foggy out there 90% of the time which I can't handle. Anyway, it might be one of my favorite "tourist day" activities; you can go eat lunch in the Sunset, walk around the arboretum, then go to the DeYoung. Or you could just look at the outside of the DeYoung and go to the Victorian flower greenhouse thingy.

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