11-08-07 - 1

For movies, there should be a service like Netflix where you order your queue, but instead of coming by mail it digitally downloads in the background. It could either just be on your PC or perhaps through your DVR (Tivo). They could easily use some DRM thing so the movies aren't copyable, you can watch them, then whenever you want to send it back you hit some button and it becomes unavailable and the next one downloads. This has tons of advantages over the regular mail, for example you can hit "undo" on your mailing and get it back immediately if they leave the file for a bit, and the next movie in your queue can be pre-caching so that you get it immediately. And of course you never have to worry about the newest releases being unavailable.

For music, my big problem is that I really like to download and listen to something before I buy. Subscription services would be great, the problem is the record labels don't want to make their catalogs available. One thing I'd be happy with is a listen-limited free download. So you can download any music for free, something like 2 listens per song is free, and then after that it locks up unless you pay for it. I know you can preview songs at Amazon and iTunes and such, but I can't really getting a feeling for whether I like something when I do that preview.

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