11-07-07 - 1

Sleep inventions :

padded knee pajamas : when sleeping on your side, you ideally would have a pillow between your legs to raise your upper leg so your hips are more neutral. But that never works, you toss and turn too much and the pillow gets all messed up and just becomes annoying. So, we've created Padded Knee Pajamas. These pajama pants have a ring of cushioning all around the knees about 1 inch thick, so that when you lie on your side your knees are seperated just like having a pillow between them.

warm human size body pillow : didn't I post this before? I can't find it. Anyway, this is the ideal sleep solution for single people in cold weather. It's a standard large "body" pillow that you sleep with, it just has some heating elements in it so you can warm it up. The heating elements are just standard electric blanket coils with a thermostat so you can set it close to body temperature of a normal human. The core is a latex gel like the fake flesh of sex toys which spreads the heat so there are no hot spots and gives it a pleasant fleshy squishy firmness.

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