11-03-07 - 2

I almost wrote a movie review on Netflix - but why should I spew yet more content into somebody else's "Web 2.0" profit pocket? Why should I spew unfunded expert advice into some provide data horde which isn't shared with its users, isn't shared with other sites, and ties me forever to a specific for-profit site? It's a giant scam that they've gotten everyone to go along with it and it fucking sucks and I won't do it.

Which reminds me, I think I've written this here before, but the fucking scam of online music pricing makes me ill. They cut EVERY SINGLE FUCKING COST. No salespeople. No retail shop. No rent. No liner notes, no manufacturing, no shipping, no warehouse, NOTHING. And then they still charge roughly the same price as the old regular stores for the digital download, and people go along with it because they have no choice because it's monopoly and there's no competition.

Anyway, I was going to review "Stranger than Fiction". Why is my success rate at finding decent movies so bad? I know there aren't many great movies out there, but it seems like with all the information available I should be able to get at least a 25% chance of picking one I'll like, and it's way way below that.

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