11-01-07 - 3

I still think Hillary Clinton is a terrible general election candidate for the democrats (because she will mobilize Republicans and moderates against her; totally irrationally there is a massive anti-Hillary force). Fortunately, the Republican candidates all seem to be such absolute losers and looney-tunes that I don't think we have to worry too much. They seem to be competing with each other in a race to crazy town, trying to get more and more illogical about family values and "islamic fascism" (LOL). OTOH I think she would be a fine president; she's obviously not going to disturb the system, but it's hard to imagine anyone getting elected that would. The pillars of retarded suckitude in the US are so entrenched now that nobody really has any hope to break them (some of those pillars are : no funding for education or research, anti-immigrant including highly skilled and educated immigrants, cripling health care costs, insane government-gauranteed monopolies and props for big businesses that drive up prices and prevent competition, no funding for national tech infrastructure and tech for children and the poor, government funding for pharma, the military, and props for finance, etc. etc.). No Democrat or Republican will do anything about those Pillars of Suckitude, and as far as just running the system as-is goes, Hillary seems like a pretty competent manager that would get quality people in the beaurocracy and rebuild some of the system that GWB has destroyed.

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