11-01-07 - 1

I really like doing nothing, except for the loneliness, the feeling that I'm wasting my life, and the fact that I'm running out of money, oh and I hate my apartment and wish I could afford to buy a house in the country. Other than that it's pretty great. I like coming up with own ideas for what to do each day, for the most part, until you get those days where everything seems pointless and stupid and why bother getting up. But other than that, you can decide to go check out some area that's supposed to be nice for bike riding and cruise around, or just go to some shop and try some new ingredients, decide to cook something you've never done before and try a few different recipes, find a river that's supposed to have good swimming holes and get naked, or just wander the city and check out public art and galleries and so on.

Today I'm making Savory Pumpkin and Oxtail Cous Cous from Emeril of all people. Now, I hate Emeril's show, he just comes across as a loud retard, and he often doesn't give me the impression of even knowing what he's doing on his show, like obviously his back kitchen staff prepared the recipe and did the various steps for him and he almost seems like a Today Show host in their cooking segments. But, ignoring all that, "his" recipes on the Food Network seem to be generally very good ("his" = who knows who actually writes them). I'm modifying it some, I'm going to make it a bit more Spanish in flavor. The experiment for me is that I've never cooked with fresh pumpkin in anything but desserts.

Result : meh, I don't really like fresh pumpkin, it's kind of stringy like spaghetti squash which I don't enjoy. I'd rather use sweet potatos or turnips in its place. Otherwise very tasty. Also, I didn't know this but the couscous you buy everywhere in the US is actually pre-cooked instant couscous. If you're using the instant couscous stuff, there's no need to cook it at all. Just put some in the bottom of each person's bowl, serve the stew with plenty of broth, and it will cook right on their plate.

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