10-19-07 - 1

One of the wonderful things about SF is how many cool little secret places there are all over that even most locals don't know about. There are just so many, I keep discovering them at a high frequency. All over the Mission there are of course amazing murals and graffitti works, some huge panoramas across buildings, alleys of many peoples' work, and they're in strange hidden places where I keep finding new ones.

Today I found the Douglass Playground. I was just looking for a little grass to run on (which I still haven't found), but instead found this deserted neighborhood park with dense trees and a really cool sketchy trail that goes up the steep hill to some amazing view spots.

A few days ago it was Cayuga Park. It's a little park down on Alemany in the southern mission, and it's full of these bizarre sculptures and tree-house like things all made of wood and left out to age.

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