10-15-07 - 1

I guess I'm finally gonna go ahead and sell my Prelude. Man I love that car. Yeah the power really sucks, and it's too back heavy for a front wheel drive, so even if you souped it up it would just spin the tires, and yeah it's really too small for me inside, but man it just FEELS good to drive, so responsive, no latency, it's low so it feels way faster than it really is, and it's got these weird impact moments. When the VTEC kicks in it just feels good, even though it's still really not fast, you feel the difference. When you go around a corner and accelerate through it and the ATTS kicks in to whip the wheels through the curve it just feels great. You just feel so in control. Of course that's largely an illusion, which is why I crashed it once or twice. Anyway, there's no reason for me to have it, it just doesn't make sense. The sick thing is that rent is so fucking totally out of hand outrageous that selling the car for $10k only makes me like 6 months of rent. The first car I bought cost $1600 which is less than one month of rent. WTF. Of course the only thing more outrageous than the rent here is the equivalent mortgage if I actually bought a place like this. California is slumping slightly but we're still in the insane situation where mortgage is 3-4X rent, which is even more insanely out of whack than the super high rents.

In her honor I'll post a few photos of when my baby was happy, roaming the curvy back roads : Nacimiento-Fergusson or Figueroa Mountain

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