10-14-07 - 3

Went for another little hike. The Peninsula here has got to be one of the most blessed places on Earth. Perfect weather (on the east side of the ridge), none of the horrible bugs that plague most of the US, great roads for cycling, tons and tons of open space preserves and hiking, old growth redwoods, valleys and peaks, views, etc. Unfortunately it's full of dot commers and other insufferable self-righteous rich people.

We saw this strange mass of ladybugs. They were all piled on top of each other; it reminded me of the monarch butterflies at Pismo that land on each other in the eucalyptus. I put a photo on my Flickr . I read up a bit on Ladybugs; apparently they do some weird things and I'm not quite sure what they were doing there. They do migrate seasonally chasing an ideal temperature range. The masses of ladybugs in the central valley will migrate up into the high Sierra Nevada, and then come back again. They also fly in this really weird way where they constantly are climbing while flying under power, and then they get too high and go into a coma and free fall until they get back down to a lower altitude where they wake up and repeat the oscillation. Very strange.

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