10-11-07 - 2

Well, I'm disgusted by the shitty service NAD has given me for my amplifier. Not only that but they provide zero information that could be used to repair it, they sell the repair manual for $100. Supposedly it's an easy repair but I've never done anything like that so I would need good manuals. Old stereo amps like mine have depreciated horrifically, to where $1000 amps now sell for $50 on eBay. At the same time electronics repair shops are a dying species, and the costs are shooting way up. The NAD-approved repair shops want around $300 for a repair which is outrageous. The local non-english speaking ghetto shop wants $100 but god knows what those guys will do. SIGH. I guess the most +EV move is to throw it in the trash and buy a replacement on eBay.

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