10-08-07 - 2

Jet Audio is pretty rad. I don't really like those all-in-one kind of apps with fancy looking GUIs but it does a lot and it's not too intrusive. The alternatives are all pretty rotten (iTunes, Nero, WinAmp). Why do media apps all have to have these awful "looks like a stereo" custom GUIs ?

I'm depressed today, maybe partly because I'm in horrible physical pain. Life is a fucking dreary effort, some days are so hard to get through. It really doesn't matter what I do with myself long term, I'm just a miserable fuck of a human being, I'm going to be unhappy and bring unhappiness with me wherever I go.

The NFL has gotten itself in a sucky state. Pretty much no game matters until the AFC Championship game when the Colts and Pats meet, and then the Superbowl won't matter either (not that it has for years).

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