10-07-07 - 2

A.O. Scott's review of "Knocked Up" makes it sound amazing. Maybe Netflix made a mistake and sent me the wrong movie? The piece of crap that I saw was a mix of two of the worst genres in Hollywood - the cheesy saccharine "romantic comedy" and the juvenile stoner comedy. The result is neither funny nor sweet, and is certainly not "honest". This is hardly an original tale or an unlikely route to love; in fact, it's a recasting of classic 18th century cheese, where a sweet girl and an ogreish man are forced into a relationship and discover that they love each other. Mr. Scott is indeed correct that this movie does "capture our moment". It captures the thievery of classic stories, the fear of Hollywood to do anything controversial or realistic, the trend of unrealistically pairing super hot girls and dorky guys which is so standard these days, and comedy that's so watered down and sanitized that it loses all its punch.

On the other hand "Flight of the Conchords" is brilliant. I don't even like the songs all that much (I'm not a fan of humor in musical form), but the two guys are hillarious, even just standing casting sideways eyes at each other going, "mmm, mhmm, yeh, yesss".

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