10-06-07 - 1

The biscotti recipe at Joy of Baking let me down, but Cooking for Engineers came through. I added some ground fennel seeds which gives that nice little anise flavor. When you make the biscotti yourself you get the nice treat of sampling some of the cookies after the first bake when they're still soft in the middle; they're very nice warm out of the oven like that. I actually like my biscotti a tiny bit nontraditional, I prefer them a bit crispy as opposed to just hard, which I think could be acheived by adding a tiny bit of butter to that recipe, maybe 1 tbsp of butter next time.

Saw this "chef" on PBS today absolutely ruining the most beautiful rib eye I've ever seen; it was from Lobel's in New York which has this unreal dark old dry aged beef. Looks like the going price for good beef now is around $40/pound or more. LOL ? It's certainly true that people are better off than ever they were in the past, but at the same time there are these very simple good things, like clothing that's tailored and hand-made specifically for you, or grass fed organic meat, or real fresh eggs - things like that which everybody had in the past when they were cripplingly poor are now so expensive that many people in industrialized societies have them not ONCE in their lives.

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