10-05-07 - 1

Daniel Bouloud is such a hack. I dunno if he was a legitimate chef at some point, but at this point he has fallen into the cadre of big-name chefs who have mastered the art of conning rich people with really boring overpriced food and celebrity names. This is a whole market segment, largely driven out of New York, but it's also big in Vegas. These guys make food for the Wall Street types, for people on expense accounts, but also for retarded Midwestern tourists who want to blow a paycheck at the fancy place they read about, or for Long Island prom-nights. The target demo are people who really don't like good food, or at least don't like anything terribly interesting, and want something that they can brag about to others and say it's "the best", whether it's the "best steak" or the "best burger" or whatever. The food is generally ostentatious, sort of like a McMansion - it's got lots of rich sauces, truffles, caviar, foie gras, heavy fancy ingredients that make it "amazing". It's one of those amazing Emperor's New Clothes situations, sort of like our current president, where I can't believe that these guys get away with it; they just do it right in front of everyone so obviously.

I'm even more upset that I've eaten at a number of these places in my youth before I realized what was going on. When you're young or dumb, you can easily get sucked in by all the "buzz" that they create with all the other dumb socialites saying how great it is, and you think you have to go and appreciate it, and if you don't think it's anything special it's just because your taste buds aren't sophisticated enough.

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