09-28-07 - 1

I hate people who think how drunk they got or how much they puked or how dumb they are is something to brag about.

I hate people who don't confront you about an issue but then will drop hints about it in casual conversation.

I hate people who put themselves in bad situations and then complain about it, or who constantly bitch about something they could change but don't do anything to change it.

I hate people who act like your friend but would stab you in the back for their own good.

I hate people who will fight to the death to protect their children or family but aren't bothered by the slaughter of other humans, and generally anyone who ridiculously favors their own family or race over humans as a whole.

I hate people who get emotional revenge on you when they think you're slighting them, by giving you the silent treatment or befriending your enemy or excluding you from things you'd like to do.

I hate people who think that sexual partners are like prey to be hunted and bagged, and that more notches on your bedpost is "winning".

I hate people who show off or brag about their success.

I hate people who constantly only think of ambition or money, and use every social event to "network".

I hate people who think they earned their place in the world when they obviously didn't.

I hate people who have to interject their opinion and relate it to something in their life when it's something they know little about.

I hate people who use counterculture and bohemianism as a way to sell products or advance their career.

I hate people who tell you horrible things and cast it as a positive.

I hate people that are bothered by something that others voluntarily do that doesn't affect them or hurt anyone.

I hate people that smile too much and give too much eye contact and laugh when it's not funny.

I hate people who act confident and commanding all the time, even when they are totally lost or out of their element.

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