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Meh, this whole holocaust denying nonsense should not be given any attention. Just cuz some nutter says something silly doesn't mean it's worth paying any attention to. Governments all over the world are *DOING* horrific things and nobody seems to give a rat's ass, someone just saying something about the past is so far down on the importance scale, it's irrelevant.

In video game coding we would keep all these todo lists of problems. For me there were 4 categories - 1. critical must do, 2. really really need to do, 3. would like / pretty important, 4. wish list. Everybody knew the #4's weren't gonna happen, but as the lead coder I also knew that the #3's were pretty much not gonna happen either. There are just way too many #1 and #2 tasks and more will keep popping up so that you won't get to many of the #3's, even though you think you would and management hoped you would. In meetings designers/producers would want to get into big discussions about #3 level tasks, and I'd try to say "look, we'll put it on the #3 list and we'll come back and discuss it more when we get to it, let's talk about these #1 and #2 level issues right now".

In world politics you have the same situation, but the prioritizing is totally retarded. People get all riled up about #3's and #4's , while the #1's are still being largely ignored. In world politics, #1's are basically "people being killed" or "people dying from malnutrition/disease that is easy and cheap to prevent". After that you have #2's like "severe human rights violations" , "people being imprisoned long term without trials" stuff like that. A #3 is something like "incomplete freedom of speech". It would be nice to deal with that around the world, but it's so far down the list of todos and that it should never even come up.

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